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Aww yus

Aww yus bishes


Hello~ I'm getting a bit of spending money within the next two weeks (It's hard to get spending money as a student ;.;) So I decided I wouldn't be stupid, and I'll buy stuff I would like, so help with my pathetic (yet, slowly growing) Lolita wardrobe. I decided to but a twintail wig from bodyline, along with two pink little bows, and pink tights, then from taobao, i'm going to but a Classical Puppets Cupcake Petticoat! I'm glad i'm getting a good quality petticoat! I might have enough confidence now to actually go to a meet! Yay~

Im broke!

Hello my cutie cakes, im sitting in anatomy on my kindle right now c: ive recently ordered a nice simple white taobao blouse, and a cute pink polka dot BL JSK:) I'm slowly but surely adding to my lolita wardrobe, all I need are accessories:) and money D:


Shutocon is in like 3 weeks and I don't even have a full coord xD
I'm such a noob lolita. I never have money though so it's hard.
I'm actually trying to find cute black shoes and a sweet lolita skirt.
I'm gunna try to get a blouse and white shoes from my grandma for my "good grades"
haha, poor high school people problems XD